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Psychology at the Cave

This venue is in the core of Newcastle Upon Tyne, yet is tucked away within what is believed to be an old air raid bunker, with a beautiful arched ceiling and a feeling of escaping from the busyness of the city. Individuals describe the place as a cosy cave!


When Choosing Therapy

We are all different, so the therapy that we experience connecting with will be different from others around us. The learning I have undertaken has been inspired by individuals I have worked with and my own personal interests, including what theories speak to me and offer myself ways for self understanding.

The first dynamic approach I learned of was Transactional Analysis, which introduced me to the concepts of the parent, adult and child ego states; whilst I grew an increasing interest in studying Jungian Theory; which I have more recently integrated with Parts Work Theory.

What does this all mean?

It means I am a therapist who is interested in helping you understand subconscious behaviour, patterns of behaviour which repeat in cycles, causing much distress. I am interested in helping you understand different aspects of yourself; your relational dynamics, your anxieties, your fears and to identify where you might be experiencing yourself getting stuck. 

I am experienced in Individual & Couples Therapy, Shadow work, Exploring Dreams, Music, Song Lyrics & Poetry, exploring personal myths & witnessing Individuals navigating future paths for finding Meaning & Purpose in life choices.

Please see my link below to find out where my specialised experience lies.




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