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Jung At Art

Dreams, Symbols, Myths, Archetypes & Active Imagination. Carl Jung encouraged active dialogue and understanding of our subconscious selves, through our imagination. 

Jung painted his dreams, created with clay, researched symbols and encouraged others to allow themselves to create from their subconscious and to allow themselves to be playfully creative.

Inspired by Carl Jungs work and wonderful individuals who have shared dreams, myself and Artist Rachel Cox are holding Jungian themed Art classes.


Exploring Carl Jungs Psychology concepts through creativity. these classes are suitable for therapists who are interested in exploring Jungian concepts further, as well as for all individuals in the community who are interested in getting Arty, Self Development & Jungian Psychology.

No prior Psychology knowledge or Art experience is necessary. To enquire please email or find updates on the links below:

Psychotherapist Ruby Aujla 


Artist & Storyteller Rachel Cox





Ruby therapist and Rachel artist storyteller
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