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Ruby Aujla
at Psychology at the Cave.

UKCP Accredited Clinical Psychotherapist


 Supervisor, Trainer & Life / Career Coach

Newcastle Upon Tyne Counselling Service offering:

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

Relationship Skills 

Family Therapy

EMDR Therapy

Life & Career Coaching

Jungian Workshops

Therapist Supervision 

Whatever you are looking for is also looking for you!

This beautiful quote abbreviated from Rumi, speaks to all of us and certainly spoke to me. 

I studied the arts of theatre and fashion. Yet outside of my study I worked with homeless youth, those who struggled with addiction; with individuals with mental health struggles in the community and within our local hospitals; with offenders and Victims of crime.

I searched for what could help the individuals I worked with daily. Many individuals told me of how they could find themselves repeating the same cycles and which therapies they had tried. So I went searching for something they hadn't tried. That's when in 2008 I began my journey in Psychotherapy, exploring subconscious behaviour. 

Since then I haven't looked back! I am lucky enough to have the most fulfilling role in which I have met some of the most wonderful individuals, who have given me the privilege to be with them on their journey of analysis and discovery! I have not left my creativity behind though, I enjoy finding creative ways to deepen self understanding!

This includes working with local artist Rachel Cox in delivering Jungian themed art classes & Dream exploration within Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Timeline & Experience





At this time I was helping with the running of hostels for the homeless including individuals with addictions and tenants who had left prison with complex mental health issues. I completed a degree in Psychology and qualifications in Health & Social Care, before beginning my training in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy.

At this time I supported patients with mental health problems within Newcastle, North Tyneside & Northumberland NHS Services; including Personality Disorder, Bi-Polar disorder, Clinical Depression, Suicidal ideation, Psychosis and Schizophrenia. I also worked within the Eating Disorder Service, Neuro Rehabilitation, Plumber Court Drug & Alcohol Service and the Mother & Baby unit. I worked with offenders & volunteered at the Victim Support Bureau. During this time I received my Diploma in Integrative Adult Psychotherapeutic Counselling. 


At this time I trained within a GP practice in Bedlington Northumberland,

I offered Private Therapy within Swiss Physio in Tynemouth & The Clearing Counselling Services in Jesmond. I was then able to establish a Private Service located within the centre of Newcastle Upon Tyne. In this time I completed my Masters in Adult Integrative Psychotherapy; Accreditation in Adult Psychotherapy; A Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy & a Certificate in EMDR Therapy. I have also thoroughly enjoyed Continued Professional Development training in the areas of:

  • Working with dreams.

  • Trauma bodywork..

  • Working with our shadow.

  • Wild medicine.

  • Shamanism.

  • Cross cultural issues in Psychotherapy.

  • The influence of mythic figures in our lives.

  • Jung at the workplace.

  • Persona.

  • Individuation.

  • Trans identities & experiences.

  • The sibling matrix.

  • Active imagination.

  • Addiction The Hungry Ghost.

  • Eating disorder & Relationship. 

  • Working with clients who feel stuck. 

  • Roots & belonging.

  • IFS Parts Work.

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