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Meaning & Purpose

We cannot guarantee happiness, happiness can be fleeting.

What we can look for is meaning and purpose, this means no matter how we feel, we still find meaning in showing up and doing the work that matches our values, 

our authentic selves.

However, we have been surrounded by many messages on how to find this meaning.

We have been given generations of advice on how to navigate education, careers and more. 

We have been told if we work hard we will get what we want.

We have been told what that work should look like.

Some of us took the paths we were told would guide us, some of us tried at something we cared about or felt good at.

Yet we can at some point find our fire has gone. 

We may start losing a sense of self and no longer feel identified with our roles.

We may have found the reality of the careers we have chosen does not meet our needs.

We can spend up to 85percent of our time, within our work roles.

These roles involve our structure, our stimulation and our needs for recognition, yet they may provide less than what we need.

They may no longer match our values or give us a real sense of purpose.

In these sessions we can explore what it means to feel at your potential.

As well as navigate what is important to you within your work.

We can explore your personal archetypes at work and how these influence your choices.

We can explore what your personal myth is in your career direction and how to meet the needs of your authentic self.

You don't need to know the answers, all you need to be is curious about the questions and I can provide the tools to help you navigate direction.



I have worked with many individuals through their fears and holdbacks around interviews, helping individuals to understand themselves in these processes and to bring their knowledge to the foreground, raising awareness of how much the subconscious mind understands and introducing models which demonstrate how to communicate this knowledge.

You often know much more than you realise. I can work with you to become more self aware in this area and identify your strengths and challenges.

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Jungian Career Navigation Coaching Sessions: 

Introductory session £75

Coaching £75 x 5 Sessions

Interview Skills Session: £100 

Jung At Art
Jung At Art
Jul 01, 2023, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
The Cumberland Arms,
James Pl St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1LD, UK
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