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Continued Professional Development

Past Events


We were excited to host Tom & Lauri at our beloved Jesmond Dene Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne, in April 2023 where we benefited from their decades of learning and experience.

Tom & Lauri Holmes, have integrated the understanding of the inner world as formulated in the “Parts Work” approach to therapy, with wisdom from spiritual traditions.  After being trained by Dr. Richard Schwartz, who developed the IFS approach, Tom & Lauri published ‘Parts Work: An Illustrated Guide to your Inner Life’ in 2007, which has since sold over 75,000 copies worldwide. This course was designed to support all helping professionals including Therapists, Holistic Health Professionals, Coaches, and Individuals seeking Self Development. 

What a wonderful weekend and a wonderful group! great thanks to everyone who made this happen! 

Watch this space for updates of future training events.

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