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Individual Therapy - Individuation

Tuning in to your Self

Ruby Aujla UKCP Accredited Clinical Psychotherapist

                         'The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are'

 Carl Jung


My Specialisms.

Areas in Psychotherapy where I tend to have the most positive impact include working with Individuals:

  • with extreme social anxiety and poor self image.

  • Individuals wanting to understand their relationship patterns.

  • Individuals who have experienced relationships with narcissistic or emotionally unavailable      partners.

  • Individuals who are highly self critical or perfectionists.

  • With Individuals from varying cultures and experiencing clashes between cultural norms.


  • Individuals who are facing extreme life changes, heartbreak, affairs, divorce, leaving their careers, or have experienced loss of a loved one. 

  • Individuals navigating work based dynamics.

  • Individuals working through disappointments and feeling jaded by the hurdles they are facing and witnessing around them.

  • Individuals exploring ways for stimulation, life energy and connection.

It is a privilege to be alongside somebody as they strengthen parts of themselves which have long been devalued and neglected. 


Whilst contemplating what really matters in life, the existential and what gives life meaning.

I invite you to an initial introduction session with me, to see if therapy can help bring the changes you may feel are needed/ you are seeking.

Introduction Session: £50

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